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Hebei Xingtang Huaicheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing, engineering installation and after-sales service. The company has advanced production equipment, strong technical force, perfect testing equipment and strict management system, and is a designated backbone enterprise in the animal husbandry industry and environmental protection industry.


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Our company was established in 1997 and is currently located in the Xingtang Economic Development Zone, covering an area of ​​500 mu, mainly engaged in animal husbandry equipment and mining environmental protection equipment, specializing in the production of various models of full-mixed ration preparation machines, silage reclaimers, solid fertilizer throwing machines machine, spreader, conveyor, magnetic separator, drying furnace, vibrating screen, pulse bag filter, elevator, jaw crusher, stone production line and other mechanical equipment and accessories, our company has successively won the national first-class The dust removal equipment manufacturing service qualification certificate and the national first-class animal husbandry machinery equipment manufacturing service qualification certificate have helped many customers to establish stone production lines and breeding bases, truly considerate for customers, save costs for customers, and solve problems and pain points with professional solutions.

In terms of animal husbandry equipment, our machines can be used to cut grass, stir feed, etc., and can use machines to replace manual spreading and cleaning of manure, which are suitable for breeding users around the world. At the same time, the mining equipment can perform multiple functions such as stone crushing, grinding, mining, and sand and gravel transportation, saving time and significantly improving work efficiency. We have both old experts who have been engaged in dust removal for more than 20 years, and college students who have advanced professional studies, who are responsible for the company's product and engineering system design.



In accordance with the ISO9001 international quality system standard, the company has established a quality assurance model that integrates design, research and development, production, installation and service, so as to satisfy global customers.


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We will serve global customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, timely construction period and perfect after-sales service.