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2FGH-8 Solid Fertilizer Dispenser Delivery

Cold cold to shake, into the Hebei Huaicheng mechanical equipment Co., LTD dry workshop, difficult to deliver busy scene. In order to ensure that the equipment can arrive at the user’s site on time and ensure the normal production of the customer without affecting the production schedule, the logistics department works with the production department and the Marketing Department in tacit cooperation and work overtime to make the delivery site organized in an orderly manner.

The superior product ordered by the customer company of Inner Mongolia — 2FGH-8 fertilizer spouting machine has been successfully delivered, our company immediately sent debugging personnel to the site debugging.

Double disc solid organic manure spreader, and the tractor supporting work, belong to the multifunctional seeding machine, mainly suitable for all kinds of cattle ranches plow fertilizers before broadcasting, can be in the field, grassland, pasture lands, roads and other places of manure, manure, organic manure, lime, lees, sugar residue, different forms of the solid materials such as granular fertilizer scatters.
The fertilizer machine with hydraulic tank, loading volume size can be customized, the machine is mainly composed of traction frame, frame welding, fertilizer tank, hydraulic tank, hydraulic system, transmission device, fertilizer device, fertilizer device, wheel mechanism and other components. The machine is powered by the rear power output of the tractor, which drives the hydraulic system of the fuselage to drive the hydraulic motor to work. The fertilizer is transported backward through the fertilizer feeding device, and the rear drive shaft drives the gearbox to realize the double fertilizer spreading and rotating, so as to realize the fertilizer spreading. The series of fertilizer machine fertilizer performance is stable, uniform and efficient, effectively solve the high cost of fertilizer spread, spread extensive, serious waste of fertilizer, organic fertilizer returned to the field.
Product advantage
1. Reserve the height hole for customers to increase the loading capacity by themselves.
2. Equipped with speed regulating valve, can adjust the fertilizer chain row speed to control the amount of fertilizer.
3. Double fertilizer delivery chain is uniform and stable. Can be multifunctional for precision granular fertilizer spread.
4. Manual adjustment handle is set at the fertilizer discharge door, the user can adjust the size of the fertilizer mouth according to the required amount of fertilizer.

In every development process of HUicheng, new and old customers give us the inCLINable trust and support, which is the “source” of HUicheng’s development.
Wanji has always carried out the perfect quality service policy, with high quality products, services to return to customers, return to the society, but also won the market. “Who inch grass heart, reported three spring hui.”
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Post time: Oct-07-2022