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Constant Temperature Drinking Water Tank

Our company will release new products within one day, and it is already in the experimental stage.
This is our new product: constant temperature drinking water tank for cattle and sheep.
In the past farms, the traditional way of drinking water for cattle is to add water manually. Although this method can meet the needs of cattle drinking water, it is too labor-intensive and time-consuming. Constant temperature drinking water tanks are becoming more and more popular, saving labor and saving labor. It can be heated automatically.
The function of the constant temperature drinking water tank is mainly to automatically go up and down the water, so that the cows can drink water while adding water, and at the same time meet the needs of large-scale farming, and because of its large water storage capacity, it can also achieve the purpose of drinking water for multiple cows at the same time, so that the cows are in urgent need of water. When you can drink water for a short time. The important point is that when it is cold, the constant temperature water tank can achieve the heating function through the combination of the temperature control probe and the electric control cabinet, so as to ensure that the cattle can drink warm water in the cold winter, and prevent the cold caused by cold. disease.
The constant temperature drinking water tank is made by bending and welding stainless steel plates according to a special structural process. The reason why it is made of stainless steel is that its material has certain corrosion resistance and can be applied in a humid breeding environment. It can also ensure the cleanliness and sanitation of water.
The water inlet valve of the cow drinking water tank is completed by a floating ball that can automatically adjust the water inlet state according to the water level. When the water level of the tank drops to a certain water level when the cow drinks water, the water inlet valve will be automatically opened to complete the water injection.

Post time: Dec-19-2022