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Improve workshop safety management ideas to achieve workshop safety standardization

To improve workshop safety management ideas and achieve workshop safety standardization, the key is the institutionalization, standardization and standardization of workshop safety work. In recent years, a workshop of Xingtang Huaicheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has carried out the work of "standardization of safety production" and achieved certain results. 1. The attention and participation of workshop leaders.

Workshop leaders regard the establishment of safety production standardization as the premise and guarantee of various work, provide support for safety production standardization, participate in the implementation, and create conditions. Safety production standardization has many contents and wide coverage. Therefore, workshop leaders actively participate in various work of safety production standardization, and continue to do safety standardization work as a long-term work, rather than just for the acceptance of standards.

Establish, improve and implement a series of safety and environmental protection management systems. According to the company's relevant management system, clean up and rectify some of its original management methods and systems, and re-formulate and improve the "post safety responsibility system", "safety technical operating procedures for various types of work", "safety inspection and rectification system", "safety and environmental protection" Publicity and education system", "safety reward and punishment system" and other safety management systems. The safety management work of the workshop is carried out in strict accordance with the system, so that there are rules to follow and laws must be followed, avoiding the artificiality and randomness in safety work, and further institutionalizing safety management.

Uncompromisingly implement the key points of the company's safety and environmental protection work. The implementation rate of various safety production work arranged by the company is 100%, and there are clear responsibilities and specific implementation measures for the work requirements listed by the safety and environmental protection department. For workshop teams with unclear responsibilities, unimplemented measures, and unfinished work points, they will be dealt with according to the actual situation according to the detailed economic responsibility system assessment rules.


Post time: Aug-24-2022