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The difference between a vertical mixer and a horizontal mixer

First, the characteristics of horizontal mixer

1. The horizontal mixer has high mixing uniformity and less residue, which is suitable for mixing more than two kinds of materials.

2. The horizontal mixer is equipped with a reducer, which has the characteristics of low noise, low energy consumption, high efficiency and durability.

Second, the problem analysis of horizontal mixer

1. Excessive mixing

The user needs to check the running status of the auger, and replace it in time if there is wear, and consider reducing the number of blades if there is no wear.

2. There is a dead angle in the corner

Reduce the amount of stirring material to prevent excessive loading.

3. Insufficient unloading

The user needs to increase the speed and check the wear of the auger.

4. Uneven mixing of materials

Reduce the amount of long hay used in the material, and pre-treat the material to ensure sufficient mixing time.

3. The working principle of the vertical mixer侧

1. The working principle of the vertical mixer is as follows, using the rotation speed of the screw to lift the raw material from the bottom of the barrel from the center to the top, then throwing the material, and finally the material will return to the bottom. Such operation steps can make the materials roll up and down in the barrel and stir, ensuring that a large amount of raw materials are mixed evenly in a short time and improving work efficiency.

2. The stirring motion of the vertical mixer can shorten the mixing time and improve the working efficiency. Even if the specific gravity and particle size of the materials are different, a good mixing effect can be achieved under the staggered throwing of the mixing blades.

3. Materials enter from the top of the vertical mixer and are discharged from the bottom of the machine.

Fourth, the characteristics of vertical mixer

1. The vertical mixer has high mixing uniformity of raw materials and less residue.

2. The vertical mixer is made of cast iron and has a wide range of uses. It is mainly used for mixing feed for livestock and poultry.正 (1)


Post time: Feb-28-2023