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Industrial Absorber Tower Spay Tower

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What is the function of the spray tower

Dusty gas and black smoke tail gas enter the bottom cone of the spray tower through the flue, and the dust is washed by a water bath. After the treated black smoke, dust and other pollutants pass through the water bath, part of the dust particles move with the gas, combine with the impact water mist and circulating spray water, and further fully mix in the main body. At this time, the dust particles in the dusty gas are collected by water, the gray water is centrifuged or filtered out, and due to gravity, it flows into the circulation pool through the tower wall, and the purified gas is discharged. The sediment in the wastewater circulation tank should be cleaned and transported away regularly.
It is generally believed that all gases that are easily soluble in water can be treated with a spray tower, but it is not necessarily accurate. For those that are easily soluble in water but volatile with low vapor pressure, the treatment efficiency of the spray tower is lower than 20%, such as hydrofluoric acid, dimethyl sulfide, acetic acid, etc. Integrity has to be handled in a special way.
The principle is to use the suction of the exhaust fan to transport the continuous exhaust gas to the spray tower, so that the exhaust gas is transported to the spray tower of the system. In the spray tower, the gas is sprayed and washed by the neutralizing liquid, and the waste gas (such as hydrogen fluoride, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen oxides, various acid mist, etc.) contained in the waste gas is neutralized The liquid water mist fully contacts, mixes and fully neutralizes. Forms a good intersection of gases and liquids.
The sprayed water mist forms a treatment layer with a large porous contact surface in the packing layer (hollow ball) in the spray tower, thereby further treating the gas. After the water mist passes through the packing layer, it returns to the water tank at the bottom of the spray tower for recycling. The exhaust gas passes through the packed bed from bottom to top, passes through the liquid distributor from the top of the tower, sprays into the packed bed evenly, flows down along the surface of the packed bed, and enters the circulating water tank. Due to the continuous contact between the rising gas and the falling absorption bed in the packing, the liquid concentration in the rising gas stream is getting lower and lower, reaching the discharge requirement at the top of the tower.
Precautions for the use of spray towers:
1. Adjustment of circulating water volume: determined by the water supply pump of the spray tower. When one boiler is running, one can be turned on. When two or three pumps are running at the same time in winter, both pumps can be turned on. The flow rate of the mud pump should be adjusted according to the flow rate of the circulating pump to make them equal.
2. When a boiler is running, add 2 bags of alkali and 5 bags of slaked lime. If there are two or three boilers running in winter, the dosage can be increased by the corresponding multiple.
3. The sedimentation tank of the spray tower should be cleaned frequently, once a week in summer and once every three days in winter.
4. When the gray water separator is discharged, it should be discharged once every shift, and the discharge valve should be opened separately to discharge the clean water.

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