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Cheap High Efficiency Durable Vibratin Roller / linear Vibrating Screen

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Vibrating screen is one of the mature products of our company, with many years of design and manufacturing history. Vibrating screen is a screening machine widely used in coal and other industries for classification, washing, dehydration and de-intermediation of materials. It can be customized according to the materials screened by customers, and the common ones are divided into linear vibrating screen and drum vibrating screen.

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Vibrating screen: an industrial tool for precise screening, the principle, application and advantages of vibrating screen

Hebei Xingtang Huaicheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Vibrating screen is a device commonly used for screening solid particles or liquids. It separates materials into particles of different sizes through vibration motion. It is widely used in mining, chemical industry, and other fields.

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Vibrating screen working principle

Material input: Put the materials to be screened into the feed port of the vibrating screen.
Vibration drive: The vibrating screen generates periodic vibration force through a vibration motor or vibrator, which is transmitted to the screen surface.
Screening and separation: Materials produce rolling motion on the screen surface under the action of vibration force. Materials of different particle sizes are gradually separated according to their sizes. Finer particles pass through the sieve holes while larger particles are blocked on the screen surface.
Separation and collection: According to needs, materials of different particle sizes are collected separately through the discharge port at the bottom of the screen.


Vibrating screen structure
The main structure of the vibrating screen includes vibration motor or vibrator, screen body, screen surface, feed port, discharge port and other parts. Among them, the vibration motor or vibrator is responsible for generating vibration force, the screen body is the supporting structure of the vibrating screen, and the screen surface is the key component to achieve material screening.


Vibrating screen application areas

Mining: Used for screening and classifying mineral materials such as ore and coal.
Chemical industry: used for screening and dust removal of chemical raw materials and granular materials.
Environmental protection: used in environmental protection fields such as wastewater treatment and solid waste treatment.


Vibrating screen features
Vibrating screens usually consist of screen boxes, vibrators, screens and other components. Among them, the screen box is usually made of welded steel plates and has sufficient strength and rigidity to withstand the vibration force. The vibrator is connected to the screen box and transmits the vibration force to the entire screen box. The screen is the core component of the vibrating screen. Its aperture size determines the particle size of the screening. Commonly used screen materials include metal wire mesh, polymer screen, etc.

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1. The sieve hole is not easy to be blocked.

2. Smooth operation and low noise.

3. Simple structure and convenient maintenance.

4. The whole machine has high reliability and less one-time investment.

5. Using special screen, high screening efficiency and long service life.

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Our Factory

Company Profile

The company is located in Xingtang Economic Development Zone, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. The company has been committed to the research, design, development and manufacturing of various types of dust collectors, magnetic separators, vibrating screens, dryers, sand washers, conveyors, etc. Mining Equipment. The company adheres to the concept of "technology first, integrity first".

Technical strength:
Huaicheng Machinery has an efficient team composed of experienced engineers and technical experts, constantly pursuing technological innovation and product upgrades. In terms of mechanical structure design and automated control systems, Huaicheng Machinery has always maintained a leading position in technology.

Manufacturing process:
Huaicheng Machinery has advanced production equipment and a strict quality control system to ensure that every piece of equipment can meet customer requirements. The company focuses on the refinement and standardization of production processes, using advanced processing techniques and sophisticated testing methods to ensure product stability and reliability.

Customer service:
Huaicheng Machinery always puts customer needs first and takes satisfying customer needs as its own responsibility.

Looking to the future:
As an enterprise that constantly pursues excellence, Huaicheng Machinery will continue to adhere to the purpose of "quality first, customer first", continuously improve its technical strength and service levels, and provide customers with better industrial solutions. In the future, Huaicheng Machinery will continue to be committed to technological innovation and product upgrading, and work hand in hand with customers to create a better future together!

Hebei Huaicheng Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. looks forward to working with you to create brilliance together!

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